Let's dive in with learning about your Root chakra!


🔴 What does an underactive Root Chakra mean 🔴


The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine & is associated with our physical identity & feeling of stability & grounding.


A blocked or underactive Root Chakra can manifest as physical pain or issues like fatigue, a general sluggishness, constipation & even discomfort in your bowels. Mentally & emotionally you may feel insecure, unstable & uneasy.


When the Root Chakra is balanced you will feel grounded, confident & ready to take on challenges.


A great mantra to repeat when your Root Chakra is feeling out of balance is ‘I am grounded, I am safe, I am in control’ - repeat this in the open air, grounding yourself with Mother Earth.


Our favourite crystals to work with for a balanced Root Chakra are Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Smokey Quartz, Hematite, Amphibole, Tigers Eye & Obsidian. Hold or surround yourself with these crystals during meditation, journaling or while you sleep. 



🔴 What is an overactive Root Chakra? 🔴


An overactive chakra means that your chakra is out of balance in a way where there is an excess of energy towards that chakra that is not aligned or vibrates at a non-harmonic frequency.


The cause of an overactive Root Chakra can often be because of overly materialistic values which can take place from childhood within our families & external factors that program our belief systems. This causes us to become disconnected from our original harmony with the earth & manifests into symptoms of depression, a feeling of heaviness in the body, a lack of focus & a feeling of dissatisfaction, while only focusing on material possessions.


So, how can you rebalance your Root Chakra?


  • Conscious movement like yoga, dance & hiking 
  • Meditation & breathwork with crystals, affirmations & sound frequencies 
  • Use Root Chakra crystals to re-connect with earth - we recommend our Root chakra crystal set which contains Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Tigers Eye & Black Obsidian. 


Bringing this chakra back to harmony is essential for experiencing a stable yet consciously expanding life.


🔴 Meditation Guidance to balance the Root Chakra 🔴


Root Chakra meditation is a powerful practice for keeping the energy flow of the Root Chakra open so we want to share our tips on having a successful Root Chakra meditation.


🧘 Find a comfortable & calming space to reconnect with yourself for 20-30 minutes, light a red candle & surround yourself with the Root Chakra crystals 


🎼 Play sound healing music - Youtube is a wonderful place to find Root Chakra healing music. The sound has a specific frequency that promotes healing of each chakra.


💓 Find a comfortable position - we recommend for a Root Chakra meditation to place yourself on a yoga matt, allowing you to be closer to Mother Earth.


😌 Close your eyes, focus your attention on the practice & begin inhaling & exhaling


👀 It can help to visualize the chakra or focus on the colour red or red objects that bring you peace


Root Chakra crystals to work with during this meditation practice - Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Tigers Eye & Black Obsidian.


When your Root Chakra is open, it allows energy to flow through your other chakras allowing you to feel more secure, so take time to yourself & enjoy a Root Chakra balancing meditation!


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