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Apricot Agate Crystal Love Hearts / Calming & Nurturing / Helps To Protect Children / Improves Sleep / Good For Problem Solving + Business

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Dreamy choose your own Apricot Agate hearts 🍑💗✨


Beautiful Apricot Agate is often created by heating grey Agate, & is distinguished by its banding 🧡 it’s associated with strength & stability, & is said to increase stamina. It’s also great for protection, especially young children.

Like most Agate crystals, it’s a crystal of complete calmness, it relieves stress without effort, especially if you always find yourself in chaotic situations! It a great crystal for your bedside too, as it’s relaxing vibrations improve your quality of sleep 💤

Apricot Agate works with your higher chakras & brings them in to balance 🧘🏻‍♀️ it’s a positive crystal & is good for business difficulties & problem solving 🍑

It's beneficial to 'cleanse' your crystal when you receive it/them. You can do this in a variety of ways; using sage, palo santo, running water (preferably spring water), moonlight or sunlight, just be sure to check your crystals are suitable in water & sunlight, as some are not. I recommend cleansing your crystals at least once a month. If your crystal has been 'active' a lot, or appears hot, cleanse more regularly. Over time, you will just know! You build a little relationship with your crystals, they are like little friends!

Crystals contain energy & natural vibrations, dependent on when, where & how they were made in the world. You don’t technically have to do anything to benefit from crystals. It is beneficial if you love them & care for them, this is pretty simple though 😊 you can start by cleansing them with sage every week to release any toxic or negative energies, or you can simply get them out on a full moon & cleanse & charge them in the moonlight 🌙

If you ever need advice just drop us a message 🔮💎💕