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The Wild Offering by Tosha Silver / Tune In To Your Infinite Potential / Hear Messages From Spirit / Oracle Cards

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The Wild Offering Oracle Cards by Tosha Silver 📚🔮🌿🌸

On the Back of the Deck:
In 52 beautifully illustrated cards, beloved spiritual teacher and author Tosha Silver uses her accessibly, unique style to convey Surrender and Offering to the Divine Will.

These messages, familiar to readers of Tosha’s highly acclaimed books, are, at their essence, about releasing attachment to ego-defined outcomes. Each card addresses a particular situation-such as Aging, Ambition, Money, Solitude, Travel, Truth-with a comment or invocation that facilitates calling in the Divine Will for the highest outcomes (and even the miraculous).

Intentionally non-prescriptive, the deck can be used in a variety of ways: as an oracle where you are guided to a specific card, or by selecting one to carry or put on an altar as a reminder of a specific issue, or in any other way you are drawn.

A Note From Tosha:
I was inspired to create this deck to encourage you to experiment with Wild Offering: offering all to the Divine with complete and utter abandon. When you fully surrender any topic to the Divine, you begin to release a tremendous burden. You no longer have to solve the problem from the ego. You no longer have to micromanage the entire issue. You immediately feel lighter. The right help and actions amazingly get shown at the right time.