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About Us

Bringing magical healing crystals in to your day-to-day life, something for everybody and home


Hello everyone! I’m Leena and I am the proud owner of Lumi Gemstones, a UK crystal healing company.

Lumi Gemstones was born in April 2019 by Emily, with nothing but a few tumble stones and bracelets to sell from her box bedroom in her home.

2021 saw Lumi Gemstones requiring a larger space which was full to the brim of sparkly crystals.

2023 was the year Emily decided it was time to move onto a different path and decided to sell the company to myself – Leena.

The company is run with the help of my husband who is my go to if anything technical or I.T related goes wrong and my 8 year old son who not only helps when he wants to but likes to exit the building with his pockets filled with tumble stones and crystal chips. Yes, I did notice your little hands dig into the jars!

Our stock and knowledge will expand in the hope of bringing crystals in many people’s lives.


Our eco-friendly mission

We care for our environment which means we will do things to keep our Earth healthy. The only plastic bubble wrap we use is re-used from the orders that we receive. We buy paper bubble wrap, this is just as protective, but does have a faint smell! Our recyclable plastic bags have been replaced with transparent biodegradable bags. We keep a variety of cardboard box sizes, meaning that less bags are required, even if they are biodegradable. Our tissue paper is 100% biodegradable too. Please help us on the mission and pop your wasted packaging contents in the correct bin.


We plant tree’s for charity

Since January 2021, we have worked with Ecologi to plant tree’s each month! So far (3 months) we have 0anted 132 trees & have offset 5.32 tonnes of CO2, helping with projects in Guatemala, Uganda, Indonesia & Papua New Guinea. So far, we have planted 41 trees in Madagascar, 38 in Mozambique & 53 in Nicaragua.


We also donate to charities

We are proud to have supported more charities. Every year we like to take part in a charity walk or run to raise money. Over the festive period we offer food to those living on the street of London. Check out the ‘Charity Work’ highlight on our Instagram account for more information!


More about Leena...

I am a wife and a mother to a cheeky and handsome boy. Family is everything to me and the moment I was a mother I knew I wanted to change things.

I have been using crystals for many years – when I feel down, job interviews, morning walks, meditation and yoga. They are with me every day, no matter where I go.

I worked in Accounts for as long as I can remember. The pressure got too much after having my son and I thought this is not for me! I wanted to do something that I love! I wanted to start my own business selling crystals and incense. I started putting money aside and one day I got a call from my husband to say there is an online incense business for sale! Without knowing all the details I wanted it. The universe was listening to me.

2019, saw us purchase an online incense business, Incense Man. I reduced my hours at work and started running a successful incense business.

2020 we were approached by a family run incense company that wanted to sell so they could enjoy retirement. They wanted to sell their business to someone who had passion and drive. Summer 2020 we took over Vectis Karma and I got to say goodbye to world of Finance and concentrate on the business.

Whilst selling incense we stocked a small selection of crystals but I wanted variety. Our busy lives lead to putting the expansion onto crystals on hold.

2023 we bought Lumi Gemstones and this completed us selling what we love – crystals and incense!