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Labradorite Blue + Green Flash Crystal Raw Point / Helps Transformation & Change, Inspires You To Achieve Your Dreams / Uplifts Mood

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Gorgeous Labradorite crystal flashy raw point 💎💙💚

Please note that this is the exact crystal you will receive ✨

Height: 80mm
Width: 65mm

💎 helps you to accept & go through change & transormation
💎 increases imagination to help your dreams come true
💎 uplifts your mood
💎 calms an over active mind

Labradorite is considered a crystal of change & transformation ✨ it increases your imagination & allows you to always think bigger & better, therefore showing you the answers to help your dreams to come true 🥰💎🤞🏼 it calms an overactive mind & inspires you, giving you a sense of exciting adventure & change! It also lifts your mood 😀 & has a reputation for working its magic quickly! So you’re bound to feel it’s benefits fairly quickly 😍

Labradorite is a fascinating stone, with all of its flashy iridescence & colour variations 💚💙💚 The vivid flashes revealed beneath the grey or black labradorite surface represents deeper, hidden realms beneath the everyday world. These ‘seen’ & ‘unseen’ elements define the root of labradorite meaning. You can look at your crystal in one light & it will appear bland, but shift it slightly & it’s got the most amazing detail & the most beautiful, unique hidden flashes for you to enjoy! 💎

The protective powers of labradorite stone protect the aura by creating an energy barrier 🙅🏻‍♀️ This barrier holds personal energy in & provides protection from people who drain or tap into that personal energy. Because of this protective barrier, elemental forces are enhanced but kept in balance.

Labradorite crystals are chakra stones for the chakras above the heart, including the throat , third eye 👁, crown 👑 & soul star ⭐️ chakra, & they resonate strongly within all of these chakras, making them useful tools in meditation in these areas 💆🏻‍♀️

It's beneficial to 'cleanse' your crystal when you receive it/them. You can do this in a variety of ways; using sage, palo santo, running water (preferably spring water), moonlight or sunlight, just be sure to check your crystals are suitable in water & sunlight, as some are not. I recommend cleansing your crystals at least once a month. If your crystal has been 'active' a lot, or appears hot, cleanse more regularly. Over time, you will just know! You build a little relationship with your crystals, they are like little friends!

Crystals contain energy & natural vibrations, dependent on when, where & how they were made in the world. You don’t technically have to do anything to benefit from crystals. It is beneficial if you love them & care for them, this is pretty simple though 😊 you can start by cleansing them with sage every week to release any toxic or negative energies, or you can simply get them out on a full moon & cleanse & charge them in the moonlight 🌙

If you ever need advice just drop us a message 🔮💎💕